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I purchased a new TRP on Saturday. I broke it
down to clean it and it appeared the barrel
link was reamed out a little to accept the
slide stop. The slide was very tight and while lowering it it sticks with about an
inch before going into battery.
At the range the slide seemed to work itself
in abit but the gun is shooting about five
inches low freehand and from a rest.
This is my second Springfield, the first is
a Trophy Match, the gun is very accurate but
the breachface is very rough.
I'm not bashing Springfield's but compared
to my Kimber's they seem to lack the final
Any similar problems or ideas, Thanks.

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I called Springfield on Monday but no techs
were available. They took my name and number
and said someone would get back to me within
24 hours. As of Friday no one had returned
my call so I called them. The slide seems to
be working itself in but it's still shooting
about four inches low. Nothing was mentioned
about their account for shipping the gun back
but they gave me a number for the return.
To say the least I am a little disappointed
with Springfield Armory.
I'll call them Monday morning to see if they
will pick up the shipping charges before I
go to U.P.S.

Thanks for the replies.
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