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I just tried some snap caps for my Marvel 22 conversion, they're made by Hammerli and sold by Larry's Guns. They're plastic with a tab that eases insertion and come in a package of 5.

Larry also sells a moly grease for target pistols - it's Neco Moly Slide and it's 60% moly by weight.

I've tried several greases and oils on the sear/hammer contact points, all with the same results. I have a Caspian frame with SVI-Infinity sear and hammer, a good, crisp trigger with a very minor amount of creep - it would be barely noticeable for all but those as anal as I am about 1911 triggers.

So with my snap cap in place and a tad of Neco moly grease on the sear and hammer I dry fired it 10 times - the trigger got about 2 ounces lighter and the very minor creep I was experiencing disappeared. I haven't fired it for real yet and I think that will be the real test but first impressions are the moly grease made a noticeable difference. The snap cap took about 25 dry fires and only had a small dent - It appears they will take maybe hundreds of dry firings.

Overall, two new products for me and they worked well.

Check out www.larrysguns.com
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