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Thinking of picking up a used 9mm at my local shop and customizing it into a 38 super. This would be my first poject gun, and I want to make sure that the colt 9mm platform will perform.

I'm thinking:
Caspian slide
nowlin or bo-mar match barrel
Ed Brown or Wilson internals
maybe an Ed Brown bob tail

. . . or should I just be happy with my TRP and get an AR to accompany it? Decisions... Decisions...
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Sounds good to me.

Heck, I take a $300 STI frame to use as a base for custom projects.

The slide will work for super unless it’s cracked or something. If you need to replace the slide, just buy a new Caspian slide and frame and start from there.

Bar-Sto or Kart is a good choice for a barrel.

What’s your end goal here? IPSC/IDPA, carry, plinking,,,

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Gee whiz, here we go again. if you want a 38 super, buy this gun, send it to a smith and have the chamber reamed to 38 super. That's all you need to do. I think the price is way too high, but I am out of touch. It will run with everything that's in it now. I would buy Star super B if it were me. They are about$225.00 and a better gun than the Colt for what you want to do.You will need super mags for the Colt, but you would need new mags in any case.38 Super is an excellent carry gun and can be very accurate with very little bullet drop at 50 yards.Eagles Law: "The bigger the bullet, the quicker they drop". and stay dropped!

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If you're gonna do that,you need to take the gun to a 'smith,get the frame bridge milled,and fit a ramped(fully supported)barrel.You'll have to go up to about a 16.5 lb. recoil spring,re-tension the extractor,and fiddle with the ejector.

You'd really be smarter to explore the 9x23.You can perform right with major caliber .38 Super loads without the fully-supported barrel hassle.You'll still have to adjust the recoil spring,extractor,and ejector,but it'll come out scads cheaper.
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