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Project No 5 in Hard Chrome

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Most of you have seen my Caspian Commander before when it was an all stainless piece with Carbon Creations grip panels - well...I sent it to AP&W to be hard chromed and it came back home a couple of days ago, got the Ahrends smooth Cocobolos put on and viola!!


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Wow! Looks great! I love those grips -- very unique.

This was a great looking gun before, but now it is truly beautiful! Good job Mikey!

Byron Simpson
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You're such a pimp. what's that hole under the safety for?
To poke a hot stick in and light off the powder in case the hammer striking the flint don't work - sheesh, some people don't know nuthin...

Some people, just have to tell them everything.


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Originally posted by John Forsyth:
Some people, just have to tell them everything.

Who you be talkin' 'bout?
Is that your "Best Grade" pistol? How long is the waiting list on one of those?
Yes..that's the "Full Mikey" (kinda like a full Monty) but I did a few "Half Mikeys" first.

Let's see...the last "Full Mikey" I sold was to John Forsyth...it took 3 or 4 months to build...1 1/2 years to break it in and get the bugs out...round that to two years...plus shipping and handling...gimme 3 years and a $60K deposit and I believe I can fix you right up.

Hey! I have a longer waiting period than Dick Heinie !!!

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Gun looks real good Mikey. Very nice grips.
How do you like the sights? They are MMC's?
Is the grip safety a Caspian?


The sights are MMC night sights. I fell in love with MMC's after I put a set on my STI IDPA gun (project no 4).

The grip safety is an Ed Brown - my first and last - I like a high grip but, to me, the Ed Brown safety is just too much. LOTS of blending around the grip safety and the thumb safety. That's why the holes show when the safety is engaged. If I do another, it will be back to Wilsons for those parts.

Beautiful Caspian and nice grips. My compliments, Mikey

Ross T.
Mikey and all,

Beautiful carry piece! Your tastes and mine run almost parallel. My own carry gun is tricked out just like yours except mine is a Colt Commander. I have Dick Heinie's fixed sights on mine and Arhend's Black Cocabola diamond pattern grips. Also, have a NIB Colt Combat Commander in stainless that may get the same treatment. Matching pistols...one at 36 OZ. and one at 28 OZ.

Wes Howe
Willamette Small Arms Academy

Yes, it's a carry piece (or it will be once it's proven it's self again after the plating). I can't say "every day" since I use several for that duty, depending on conditions, but that is the intended purpose.

I shot an IDPA match with it yesterday and had two failures to lock back on the last round. I used four different loads/bullets to test feeding and they all fed flawlessly. Other than that it is running fine and accuracy is superb.


Thanks for the kind words.


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