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I ordered a pair of ProMag magazines for my Para P12, at $16.49 each.

As delivered, both were identical and both produced immediate and repeatable FTFs when hand-cycling rounds from these mags.

The mode of failure was that RN handloads were striking the feed ramp at the base of the feed ramp. The feed ramp is polished.

The feed lips of these mags are longer than those of the factory Para mags, and the top round was positioned to feed the round at a launch angle about 10 to 15 degees lower than the launch angle of the Para mags.

I modified the launch angle for both mags by opening the feed lips to launch the top round at a higher angle. I did so by applying pliers to the forward 1/8" of the feed lips. Did this slowly and a couple of times until I produced a launch angle equal to the factory Para mags.

Finished the mod by polishing the lip edges with very fine emery paper.

Both mags now feed all 10 rounds reliably when hand-cycling the slide. I'll visit the range this weekend to check feeding, but I expect both to function just fine for use as range mags.

I wouldn't recommend these mags for defense carry, but at $33/pair I think they'll be fine for range use and to reduce wear on my trusted Para factory mags.
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