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I use a very fine abrasive cloth on the feed ramp of the frame and throat of the barrel to keep feeding surfaces slick, and a fine stone on the breech face for the same purpose.

The firing pin and extractor need to be removed and their receptacles cleaned from time to time.

A toothbrush dampened with Shooters' Choice gets the crud out of all the crevices, including down in the frame. Wipe the toothbrush regularly on your cleaning rag (cloth kitchen towels are best) to keep from spreading the crud into crevices instead of getting it out.

Other than that, I don't think it matters much how you clean as long as you do it. With the 1911, it is pretty obvious what needs to be cleaned when the piece is field stripped.

Many of us do not use lube at all, and find the 1911 works just fine without it. I do use Corrosion-X from time to time to prevent rust.
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