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Others will likely give you additional insight, but here's my preferences...

I like MPro7 as a solvent/cleaner. It is non-toxic, and is soft on the hands. In addition, it doesn't smell too strongly, which may be important if you are married, have guests, etc.

As a lubricant, I must have most types of lubes, from Break Free CLP,FP-10, Tetra, Rem-Oil, Militec-1, Rig, Rig +P, Xcelleron, etc...

My favorite at the moment is Militec. It seems to work very well, and I like the idea that it is supposed to protect even after "burn-off".

Some people like to use grease on the slide/frame rails, and I've had good luck with the Rig grease, both the regular nd +P.

As far as my cleaning routine goes, it depends n how dirty/how long since the last cleaning...

A routine cleaning is using patches and MPro-7 to clean all parts, including slide, frame, outside of barrel, and all small parts. I'm lazy so barrel cleaning consists of 3-5 pulls of a bore-snake through the barrel. When the gun is clean and dry, I lube the slide an frame rails with Militec, and the inside of the top of the slide. I put a drop on the upper surfaces of the locking lugs, and wipe it down so there is not an excessive amount of oil. Upon reassembly, I lock the slide back and lube the outside of the barrel with a patch of Militec. I also wipe down the recoil spring with the oiled patch, and I put a light coating of oil on other areas subject to corrosion, but I almost totally wipe that off, so there is just a tiny film to prevent rust.

If the gun is really dirty, such as after shooting lead bullets, or before a big match, I will do a full cleaning. I don't know how to detil strip a frame, so the farthest I go is a field strip of the gun, then I remove the firing pin/extractor from the slide, and the safety from the frame.

First thing I do is spray all small parts, and the slide with MPro-7. I soak a patch and wipe down the frame, but I don't want to push gunk down into the action, so I'm a bit careful, and try to wipe "out" rather than "in" to the frame.

Then I wait a few minutes.

I then go at the parts that need it with a plastic toothbrush, then I hit the breechface and ejetion port area with a brass brush. The buildup is usually thick here, so I use the stronger brush for this area.

Then I take all this stuff, soaked with MPro-7 and brushed to loosen the buildup, outside, and I get out the "Crud-Cutter" (You could also use Bore-Scrubber, Break Free Powder Blast, or Carborator cleaner)

I use gloves and newspaper to soak up the residue, as this stuff is nasty--all full of chlorinated solvents and such... Anyway, I spray down all the parts, which removes most of the buildup, solvent, oil,grease, etc.

Then I wipe everything down with patches.

Here is where, depending on how dirty the gun is, I'll take the frame, remove the grips, and spray the heak out of it with the Crud Cutter. I let the grime flow outas I hold the frame upside-down and spray into the internals.

I do not spray the crud-cutter on the barrel, instead I clean the barrel using the bore snake if I've been using jacketed ammunition, or lead-removing brass patches if I use lead. Then I'll soak a patch in MPro-7 and coat the bore. I'll let this sit for a while during the rest of the cleaning procedure, then I'll use a copper brush and make about 20 passes. Then I'll put another soaked patch through, then a clean one. I repeat the soaked patch/clean patch procedure until the cean patch comes out clean. If there is still substantial "black" coming out on the patch, I'll soak the bore again and make another set of passes with the copper brush.

I almost forgot to mention that I clean out the firing pin and extractor channel with particular detail, as I feel that these are two areas where buildup can have particularly disastrous effects.

Now we have a gun that is clean and dry, but is now very subject to corrosion and is in need of proper lubrication for functioning.

I start with Rem-Oil. It is a very light, teflon impregnated oil, and I like to use it on the internals of the frame, and on small parts. I spray it, and then wipe down all of the oil I can get. This way, there is no heavy buildup of oil to attract crud, and the surface is coated with a light rust preventative and lubrcant.

Then I use Militech on the slide/frame rails and other parts as in the first part above.

Well, I hope this helps. My keyboard is being really wierd, so I'm sorry about the typo's.
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