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Greetings everyone.

I wanted to post a review of my new Pure Kustom holster and my dealing with Rocky. I believe it was on this forum that I first found out about Pure Kustom. And after looking at their web page I decided to put in an order for a BLACK OPS 5" holster. Rocky has some great custom designs you can get on your holster (the flags are just awesome) but since I will carry IWB 99+% of the time I went with the standard holster.

My Order:

I placed my order sometime in early September and I believe the website said that I would be notified when they were ready to make my holster. It was at this time that I was expecting to pay the purchase price and then have a two to three week wait for the holster to arrive on my doorstep. Well I was very pleasantly surprised when I got an email on October 26th that said my holster was finished and to give Rocky a call. I called him the next day just after noon and left a message for him to call me, which he did within 20 minutes. I gave Rocky my payment info and he told me that my holster was leaving his shop that day (Wednesday) and I should have it Friday.

First Thoughts:

Friday came and so did my holster. My initial thought when I handled it was, Wow this looks nice and boy is it stiff. Now to my untrained eye this holster looks perfect. Which means it has no loose stiches, scratches, or blemishes of any kind that I can see. The only concern I had at all was how tight the holster was. At first it was a fight to get my pistol into the holster and then a fight to get it out again. As stiff as the holster is I was thinking its never going to break in enough for me to get the holster fitted to my pistol. I worked the holster in my hands a bit but this really didn't seem to do much, then I found the trick. Wrap your pistol in wax paper and then holster it. After about 5 or 6 holster and unholsters, I was good to go. That was all it took. One detail that I did notice was the loops for IWB carry. They fit my belt like a glove. These are closed loops, not snap loops, and there is no play in them at all. Nice attention to detail I thought.

Feel :

How the holster fits for carry is subjective so I'll just compare it to what I've used before. This set up is for a five inch pistol. All my concealed carry to date has been with a 3" Kimber in a Milt Sparks VMII. The only noticable difference in the two is the barrel lenght. When I reach for my wallet, there is my pistol. Something I never noticed with the short pistol. But in compairing the two holsters they ride very much the same way. The spread loops keeps the pistol from changing angles. The pistol is just there, right where i put it and right where I expect it to be. Is it comfortable? Well it's as comfortable as I think is fair to expect. It is ceartainly not uncomfortable so that I would chose not to wear it.

Overall :

Overall, I give the BLACK OPS two thumbs up, 5/5 stars, its a must see. :biglaugh: Heck however you chose to scale your rating system I will put this holster at the top. Will I buy another one? Yes absolutely and I would encorage you to do the same.

I tried to discribe this holster in an open and honest way. My goal is to help other 1911 owners who my be hesitant to spend the money on something fearing it will only be junk. If I left out anything obvious please let me know. And feel free to ask any questions.

As a side note about Rocky, I spoke with him for about 20 minutes and I can say he was polite and friendly on the phone. And I think this is fair to expect when your dealing with a business. But Rocky came across to me as more than just a buisness man. He is a gun guy and he really seems to care about his product and the people he serves.


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I just got on Rocky's waiting list for a Black Ops. Read lots of positive reviews about both the product and the owner's customer service. I'm not expecting it for a while, but from what I've read it will be worth the wait.
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