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I thought I would put this range report here rather then in the "range report" section because I figure anyone thinking of buying a S.A. will probably look here first.

Two weeks ago, I purchased a new PX9608 and took it out to the local gravel pit to do some initial testing. I'm happy to report that the results were MUCH better then expected. 300 rounds of 200gr LSWC (hand loads) were fired from both of the factory 7rnd mags without a single failure of ANY kind. The only mod from stock at this point...shokbuff installed and I found the extractor tension a little light...which I increased as per the "recommended methods"

I did some group testing at 22 yards firing unsupported into the "upper panel" of an IPSC target (or for those of you who aren't familar with this P.C. term...head zone) I was able to shot a 7 round group measuring about 2 inches. The sights are shooting to exactly the point of aim right off the top of the sight at 25 yards.

Between week 1 and week 2 (last weekend to this weekend) I purchased 1) Wilson 2pc full length guide rod (don't like having to take the existing rod down with a screw driver) 2)Hex grip screws (see reason #1 above) 3)Wolff 19# mainspring to reduce trigger pull (went from 5lbs to 4lbs....also note..there's NO creep in the trigger...very nice) 4) Three Chip McCormick 10 rounds stainless mags (old type....not the new Power Mags....I've always had good luck with the originals....side note, I removed the followers and "polished" them with a Scotchbrite pad and I've found this improves feeding)

I went out this weekend and put another 200 rounds though the magazines/pistol again with NO failures of any kind. Pistol runs great....magazines run great.

I intend on using this gun for IPSC. I previously had a Kimber Classic which I thought was a pretty good shooter but without a doubt..this Springfield's got the Kimber beat in every aspect. About the only fault I can say is that the edge of the thumb safety is a bit sharp and with my grip position (I place my strong hand thumb OVER the thumb safety) it tends to become noticable after firing 300 rounds.
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