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Question for Mark655 from emmo

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Originally posted by emmo:

Question for Mark655:
Mark, I'm seriously thinking of either buying a new 1991 or a new XSE. Since you say the 1991 is the best gun Colt makes, is the XSE made using the same production methods such as CNC fitting? Do you know which internal parts are MIM? And one more question; are barrels throated by hand? I know how busy you must be answering questions on this BB, so let me express my thanks in advance.

Originally posted by Mark655:
I have to be completely honest with you, the 1991A1 is the best gun we make, the rest is all bells and whistles. People need to remember one key thing, a handgun is a defensive weapon, most gunfights only last a few seconds, with a few rounds fired, and within about ten yards. Bells and whistles don't buy you much here.....


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heres my question -- who was the Bozo that decided to stamp the word "STAINLESS" into the slide of the stainless 1991?

it looks lame IMO, "Colt 1991" is all ya need

Caspian frame + Colt parts = Col-spian? or Cas-olt?
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