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The .38 S was an attempt to give police officers a round that had a better chance to defeat the obstacles the average mobster of the time had between himself and the police:the heavy car doors of the 30s.

The .38 S and the .357 M both are fruits of this endeavor.

Who was the IPSC shooter who broke the .38S? Was it Leatham? I forget which it was, but in the early 80s the IPSC world was astounded by the success that Leatham (?) had using the .38 S in competition. And it has grown since then.

While not overly popular here, it is said that the .38 S is very popular in Mexico--where it is is illegal to possess a military/police cartridge weapon. Freakin' socialist there!

I have an EAA Witness in both .38 S and 9x23 W and both calibers are quite accurate in that pistol. With the capacity of 18+1, near .357 Mag ballistics (or better in the 9x23 from a like sized launching platform) and an easy shooting pistol, what can be better than that?

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