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Originally posted by RM:
Does someone have the time to expain to me some basic information about the 38 super cartridge? Why was it deveoped? What are its charactertics, what are it's usual shooting applications, how much kick is there relative to other cartriges? Thanks.
Not to seem cynical but, like most other cartridges, it was developed to generate revenue for the manufacturer

I think it came out about 1929 - and as mentioned is dimensionally itentical to the older .38 Auto or ACP but loaded to higher pressure. One of its selling points was indeed penetration, especially in auto sheet metal. The display at the FBI Academy indicates that they were actually issued for a while though in 1935, the first year that the FBI was actually authorized to carry guns (I bet none of them did before that...right
) the .357 was introduced.

It always seemed a quait cartridge back before the competition boys "discovered" it. With 125 gr. bullets it shot flat and was a good hunting cartridge for game up to 100 pounds (of course you can kill larger stuff with it).

Jim Higginbotham

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