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Question on CQB Slide Release

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halloa all,

I'm about to take the plunge and purchase my first 1911, a fullsize CQB. I have a question in regards to the slide release that one of you may be able to answer more quickly than Wilson (I don't have time to call right now, or I would, and this seems effecient enough)

The slide release seems stiff on the ones that I've handled @ the store, and am uncertain if it would loosen up with use or not. Is this attributable to the presence of a shock buffer? If so, I assume I could remove it. What problems would removing it present? Would the slide release become easier to flip w/o a buffer?

Thanks in advance, stay safe.
soft step
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Hello soft_step and welcome to our forum,

The proper term for the part you are referring is a slide stop. That part of the gun usually don't loosen up too much as it is critical to the lockup of the barrel. I would not recommend using the slide stop for anything other than locking the slide back. Using the slide stop to release the slide causes excessive wear and there are other proper ways to do it. It is also recommended to not release the slide on an empty chamber on the 1911.
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