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If this is a dumb question, please accept my apology in advance.

Arthritis in my joints makes using a standard slide stop release painful so I installed a Wilson extended release in both of my Kimber 1911s. The one in my Stainless Target II in .38 Super worked fine until I sent the gun back to Kimber for accuracy concerns and a rough spot on the extractor that was marking my cases. They replaced the gun's extractor and, apparently to address its accuracy(?), the slide stop, firing pin, grip safety and recoil spring.

I removed the 13-pound recoil spring I had in the gun so it would cycle with the light target loads I use in it, reinstalled the factory 14-pound spring and replaced my extended slide stop release with the original one before sending the gun to them. Upon its return, I reinstalled those aftermarket pieces.

Now the extended slide stop release will not move upward enough on an empty magazine to always engage the slide's notch but the original one does. I first thought the slide was not being driven back far enough to allow the stop to move upward fully but even if I cycle the slide by hand and hold it fully rearward, the stop only moves up a little. I know the extended one has a tad more weight to be moved upward but it worked before so I'm puzzled. The gun works properly otherwise.

I am of the understanding that the magazine itself determines if the slide stop holds the slide back on an empty magazine. If that's true, I wonder why the original stop does work.

Thanks for any ideas!

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