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Been casting my own bullets and reloading for a bit and have run into a few snags.

I'm shooting 230, RNL cast with straight air-cooled WW's they are out of the Lee mould and have the mico grooves. I use Liquid Alox for lube and 4.8 gr of 700X and they crono at 850fps.

I am shooting a SA MilSpec that runs perfect and have no malfunctions at all, ever! I do however get some leading and my accuracy goes right out the door so to speak. I did notice that the last batch I cast and loaded seemed a little light on the lube and relubed the rest just to be sure but I still seem to get lead build up. Actually if I look down the barrel I can see little lead "shards" inside. I ran a patch of JB to see if that would help but not much better. Any ideas? I have started dropping the bullets into a bucket of water right out of the mould but haven't shot any yet.

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Did you try backing the load down to 820 fps?

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Hello. Not trying to be rude, but this really should be over in the reloading area.


PS: Having experienced a similar problem when casting for 9mm years ago, I had the bullets too hard and wound up with little "stalagtites" hanging in the bbl after but a few shots. Adding a bit more lead helped. However in .45ACP, neither of the velocities you mention should cause much leading. You might do opposite of what I did and cast a bit harder bullet. Those much more adept in casting might offer more suggestions.
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