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This is neither political nor legal news, but I can't think of another venue in there exists enough of the right kind of people who'd be able to see through some guy's B.S.

So I know this guy, let's call him Mario.

-Born in 1950
-Moved to the U.S. from Italy in 1958
-Served in the U.S. Army. Saw combat and also served as a D.I.
-What does it take to be a D.I.? Is that a position of particular prestige which takes years to achieve?

-Depending on how long his Army career should have been, he managed to work 20 years in the private sector, from which he retired.

-He's been working as a personal trainer at a YMCA for the past few years.

-Somewhere in there he managed to get a Masters degree in Police science. I still gotta ask where exactly he got that.

-...and here's where I started getting scent of his BS. He claims to have tested, and is now hired as a Deputy Sheriff in Corrections. I happen to know a thing or two about it, since my uncle retired from the same department, and acquaintances still work there.

Corrections and Patrol are intermingled in our county. We have a Uni-deputy thing. Corrections guys have a duty gun for wearing on details and to-and-from work. They've got to qualify monthly, just as patrol guys do. One needs to attend a school in order to be a certified officer in corrections.

I asked him about getting his state corrections certification. He's baffled. "No..see, I got a master's degree". That doesn't make sense. They don't know a thing about this guy...they can't just let him "start work on monday". This isn't an apprenticeship. This isn't a favor. He's at the mercy of a state and county beaurocracy.

I asked him about his duty gun. He says "I'm thinking of getting a glock....a lot of the guys are getting those" That makes no sense. Thou shalt have a duty gun! As a matter of fact, it HAS to be a glock.

I'm particularly curious about his Army career. I don't know enough about that to come to any concrete conclusions.
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