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Questions for George Smith

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Are your 1911 'weld-on' mag wells available in stainless? How thick are they?
Any pics available of your feed-ramp inserts?


Pick any two.
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Hi Mr. Chuck

The weld on mag wells we still make
Para and 1911, the inside is cut on a 60 degree not a 90. BUT we only make them in carbon steel, never did in ss.

they are 5/16 thick so if your replacing or get off a bit putting a 1/4" one on your still ok.

If you have a may june 93 American Handgunner there are some nice photo's of the well installed.

no pictures of the Insert, may be able to email you one though. (don't have a host thingy)

thanks for asking
geo ><>

this will give you the idea though. http://www.egw-guns.com/images/singlestack.jpg

I would gladly send you one of each to see if they will work for you?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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