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questions on my new (to me) colts...now with pics

Hi, I just picked up a mk4 series 80 Colt Combat Commander at a local shop. It's blued carbon steel with trijicon night sights, an adjustable trigger, skeleton hammer and a beaver tail grip safety.It also has black rubber wraparound grips with a colt pony on each side. The s/n is FC088XXX. When was this pistol made? Was it a special model? I am curious because it looks like a factory stock piece. A couple of funky things about it are the stainless bushing, guide plug, slide release and chrome mag release. The fit and finish are excellent, and the trigger is really good. I took it out today and shot it and it's very accurate. BTW, I paid $500 for it and I estimate it's in 97-98% condition, with just a tiny bit of holster wear on the front edges of the slide. Did I do ok?

On to the second colt, it's a cobra in .38 special, has a black alloy frame, 2" barrel, and walnut grips with a chrome colt pony. The s/n is B779XX, when was it made?



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