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Just a quick update on the Larsen I asked about a few weeks ago. I had put it in layaway and picked it up today. I've only had a little more time to go over it, but wanted to post what I could see, and couldn't.

The upper only has the Cerro Forge Keyhole by the rear sight. Both the upper and lower are an even, matte black that match well. The barrel is the A2 heavy under the handguards tapering slightly at the FSB. No markings on the barrel except 5.56 at the 12 o'clock midway between the FSB and flash suppressor. The barrel finish is even, but has fine turn lines along it. Twist is not marked, but it looks to be 1/7 and chrome lined barrel and chamber. Just to be sure I compared the bore with my Colt SP6920 which is clearly marked 1/7. They match. Feed ramps are A2 style in the barrel with none cut in the upper receiver. They match one of the "Good" pics of combos in the M4 forum posting about feed ramps.

The extractor spring has the black insert instead of blue. The bolt & BCG is black. The gas key is staked decently, though not perfect, but much better than many of the other commercial grade staking jobs I've seen. The gas key is not chrome lined. The BCG is full shroud, but not M16 weight to the best of my knowledge.

There was a little bit of fired carbon on the tail of the bolt and some powder residue in the barrel. However, there is little wear on the hammer face or BCG where it contacts. The gun appears to have been fired quite minimally.

Then again whoever had it before may have gotten frustrated and had function problems since not only does it have a carbine stock and buffer system on a 20" barrel with a full length gas system, the gun is bone dry.

I forgot to mention the upper is A2 type with carry handle and a proper A2 rear sight. The gun also had a Pro Mag (not my first choice) handle mount scope rail on it.

I'll get some pics of the parts and pieces when I can and post them so anyone interested can look at them, maybe even identify where a part or two came from.

The Lower has the safety positions marked on both sides as 0, 1, 30, but the stops are there to show it really is just a semi-auto and only two pins/holes for the FCG in the lower.

The lower is marked (center justified):
CAL 5.56MM

Since I've not been able to find much of anything on these other than some lower receivers were made with the Larsen marking, they were supposedly make by LMT per one response to a post I came across, and that the Larsen in Larsen Firearms is Leif Larsen, a LE veteran, I figure I'd toss out what I find as I go both in case it might help someone else researching and in case someone else comes across some better info and can pass it on here.

For $579 I'm not complaining. Other than the obvious issues of wrong rear stock/buffer/tube, etc., that will need replaced, and being bone dry, it seems to be a decent little rifle over all for the money and once I've restocked it, will fill my moderate desire for an A2 for nostalgia and recreational shooting.

That's about it so far. Gotta get things cleared up and off to bed as 0410 hrs comes mighty early. When I can I'll get some detail pics and post them.
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