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Rail Peening Woes

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This happened to me twice in a row. I peened the rails of a SA mil-spec and then a Colt Gold Cup. Guns were held in a vice by a Power Custom frame support system. Used slide fitting bars to prevent overpeening. Filed and lapped the rails. Ended up with really nice, smooth & tight slide to frame fit.

The problem with both guns was with reassembly. The hammers and grip safeties would not fit into the frames. The frame ears somehow had been squeezed closer together. Nothing else was squeezed, as
the trigger bows and MSH's fit just as before the work was done.

Has this happened to you? Is this normal when peening the rails? Is there something I can do to prevent this next time?

I used a large chisle to open up the frame. This worked OK. How would you have corrected this problem? Thanks. Slo cat
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Probably cold flow in that direction from the peening. Next time make a plug from steel to fit in the hammer slot. file it to a light (finger tight) press fit. You might want to drill it to hold it in place with an old hammer pin while you work the rails.... Of course, you know that you don't really need to peen to get accuracy. I know, I know....I still do it too sometimes.

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Thanks, BBBBill.
That old Gold Cup (1979) was so loose it almost rattled when shook, and the owner wanted it tightened up. I forgot to add that the tightening lowered the slide a few thousands and afterwords the barrel bottom lugs would not ride over the slide stop pin. Had to recut the bottom lugs. I am going to Ransom Rest this gun today to see how it shoots at 50 yds. It still has its original barrel and a nice tight Micro bushing someone installed. Someone had cut the sides of the hood leaving .020 of slop. This is a hardball gun to be used in CMP service pistol matches. If the accuracy is not good at 50 yds., I will recommend a new Kart or BarSto barrel.

I have some old hammers. If I find the tightest one, maybe I can leave it in while peening the rails on the next one.
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