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I just came across a name that was new to me in the 1911 world: Randall (if I'm spelling that right). Apparently, Randall makes or made what appear to be be pretty much standard 1911A1 configuration .45s. Can anyone tell me about them? Great, good, junk? Soft steel? Misplaced pin holes? What is the straight skinny on these?

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Randall went out of business in the mid-80's. Their claim to fame was producing the first all-stainless 1911 models. They actually looked very nice, and they had tons of variations, maybe too many. Right hand, left hand, long, short, Gov't, Commander, LeMay, fixed sight, adjustable sight, ribbed slide, non ribbed, you name it. The guns used investment cast frames and slides but the quality was still decent. There is actually a Randall collector's association, but I don't know their address.
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