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New shooters can be really intimidated at a range. Sometimes I think the stress makes them worse than they would do out on their own in the woods. They are scared and yet want to look normal to the shooters around them. They would like to ask questions , but don't want to be singled out as uneducated. These folks like us are dangerous without skill or instruction. Talk to them and start with the absolute basics. How to load, how to fire , how to be sure the gun is empty. That all should happen before they come strolling in with a hot weapon at the range. If they atre not acting like some know it all wise guy I would give them some friendly advise and welcome them to the range, if they act like jerks I would try to get them out of the place fast. I remember being at the range with my first gun. I was a bit scared and knew basic gun safety, but not about my first gunin particular. I could have used some help and safety advise... Fortunately I survived a rough start and got good gun safety imbedded in me. I am now a very proficiant teacher and advocate for combat shooting . It did not happen overnight.
1 - 1 of 25 Posts
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