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Right on Quantico, Its a natural tendancy not to ask for help in any endevor for fear of some one making fun of you. There is never! any shortage of people who are willing to jump right in and make a person feel like and Idiot. Granted, when handling firearms there is no room for poor safety practices,but most people will still try and stumble through anything before asking for help even when they need it. The case here would appear to be a lack of proper range control.? One of the reasons we very seldom ever go to a range, all of our practice, gun handling and marksmanship it done in the wilds. Fortunatly we live where we can get out and shoot with out much problem.
PS: Not knockin gun ranges, I've just always felt more comfortable with the family in our natural environment and not in a bldg.
1 - 1 of 25 Posts
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