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I was at the range a week back, with my SA GI, bone stock, and there was a man with a desert eagle and two Sigs there in the next lane. THis guy had so much gear with him I thought he was there to sell something.

He looked at my gun and said "oh, so that's one of those old 1911 huh?"

I looked at him, smiled politely, and proceeded to tear the hell out of the x ring at 15 yard. Him? all over the 8 ring and a lot of flyers, but he used one of those exploding target thingys so made it look like he was shooting well, but when we went and check the target during the cease fire he saw my target with the center shot out, he never said a word after that.

Then I proceeded to put the target at 50 yards and managed to put all my shots in the 7 ring, with my shaky hands and all. :biglaugh:

yep, good old 1911....
1 - 1 of 49 Posts
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