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Range Pimps ?

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We know who we are!!

How many others are there who have a "special" rig for use when you are serving as a Range Official, Safety Officer or Instructor? It's not the plain black or brown or kydex holster you use when you compete - maybe not even the same gun. Maybe it's a "special" carry gun used only on special occasions when you want to show-off a little.

I just did a major upgrade to my "Range Pimp" rig - A Milt Sparks 60TK in cordovan with sharkskin trim, matching sharkskin double mag pouch and a new set of slab-cut smooth Cocobolo grips for the stainless custom Caspian Commander. This will ride on a Don Hume burgundy colored belt with fine basketweave and a polished nickel buckle.

This ensemble may be viewed at the Tennessee State IDPA Championship this Saturday. Y'all come!

Anybody have a white felt Fedora with a silk hatband and perhaps an ostrich feather they would part with...or some snake skin pants in 36 waist???

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What, no pink pearlite stocks for that pimpy blaster? They would match those pink platform shoes you said you were going to shoot the match in.


"And by the way, Mr. Speaker, The Second Amendment is not for killing ducks and leaving Huey and Dewey and Louie without an aunt and uncle. It is for hunting politicians like (in) Grozney and in 1776, when they take your independence away".
Robert K. Dornen, U.S. Congressman. 1995
This has gotta be one of the funniest subject lines of the year. LOL

Steve "El Roto" G.
Ken Hackathorn calls it "The Parade and Barbecue Rig".

Mikey, If you're a range pimp, do you have a range ho?

This is SERIOUS subject matter

John, can you get those pink pearlites laser engraved with the Gunsite Raven Logo? That would be cooler than the plastic ivory ones with nekked ladies on them!

Ricky...that's hoes


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At this years Mile High Showdown we tried to get the local Hooters to supply our squad with gun babes. Very similar to a gun bearer in Africa, just with better manners.

I don’t have any guns cool enough to make pimp status. But I have some shirts that might qualify…

AF Shooting Team
Hooter's girls
that kicks!

We tried to get the night shift waitresses from the local Cracker Barrel - 10 fine country gals with 7 teeth between them!

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You might want to contact Mike Benedict about the perfect set of grips for a Range Pimp. His would have fit in well in midtown Atlanta.

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"The -----" shouldn't be pointin' fingers in this thread!

Just sayin'

Edited to protect the identity of the those who think they're innocent.

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If was a range pimp, I would have a Wilson matching sharkskin Adjuster holster and single open front mag pouch and a Wilson Protector Hardchrome 1911.

I think the ultimate range pimp rig would be the Milt Sparks 1AT Gold Label rig with the flowers stamping. Too bad Tony doesn't make them anymore, and the 1AT isn't approved by IDPA.
It wasn't a range rig situation, but I did see a rather unusual use of a holster at a concert one time. A cop was doing security duty and had a tactical thigh holster strapped on. It wouldn't have looked out of place while rappelling in full body armor, but on a cop wearing shorts at a concert, it was a wee bit unusual.
A true range pimp should have a suitable sponsor, such as an adult entertainment establishment.

Originally posted by HeadHunter:
A true range pimp should have a suitable sponsor, such as an adult entertainment establishment.

What a novel idea !!
Wish I had thought of that. I'll have a sponsor at the next sanction match.
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Is Ronald Reagan left-handed? If so, then I am in better company than I thought!
that is what I gathered from the photos. I think i may have heard before that he was a lefty, it seems as though when I saw that I remembered hearing that before. I don't know

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