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well daly", owners as you know from this forum, that i have put alot of time and money in spruicing up my 1911
and i went to the range with my brothering law from houston and his son's,and we taking a few other gun's with us, but we spent most of our time shooting our 1911's, anyway i replaced all my parts out in my daly, and this was my final test run sorta speak"...i have nothing but good results from my daly,even out of the box it performed well. but like most of us we dont like ther cast parts
the match bushing tighten my groups up a heck of alot,and when i did my part it shot tight groups at 25 and 30yards
i averaged 2", and i hade a hostage silluate with the gunman behind the wood be victom...anyway i nailed him between the eyes with my first shot
2nd shot 1/25" to the right of that
when my brothering law and his son shot my gun,ther groups open up considerably",but i chock that up to the shooter
any way he liked my daly so much when we got back to town, he went where i bought mine"...and he got the efs in blue,$417.00 pluss tax. they have the stainless modle for $472.00 im considering buying that one later on this week:d mr walking point seem's to be really happy with his too,and if anyone deserves good result's, i would no doubt say he does. today i should be geting my O.D.GREEN bake on paint from brownell's.i already have my daly prept and ready for it's new finish
happy shooting to all"
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