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Well, I got an Eclipse about three weeks ago and have been putting it through a workout.

All I can say is that this thing rocks!

It is accurate as hell and is just a joy to shoot. It is hard to not hit your target. It balances much better that my Pro Carry HD and the sights, while they look similar, are much easier to use.

I have put about 325 rounds through it, both Win USA 230 gr FMJ and Fed HydraShock 230 gr ammo.

I let my buddy be the first to shoot it. On the second and third magazine load through it there was one "stovepipe" jam each. We proceded to put about another 150 rounds through it without any problems.

A week later I put about another 50 rounds through it and had one stovepipe. All of the stovepipes occured while using a Wilson 47D magazine. All of the other mags that I used ran perfectly. They were a mixture of two different types of Kimber mags and Shooting Stars.

I have since put about another 75 rounds through it , for a total of 325 rounds to date.

The thing that really gets my attention is the accuracy of this thing. That cheap hardball ammo will group 5 shots at 3in+/- very consistently. All of my groups have small 4 shot groups and the 5th opens it up to 3 in. Shooting is done support on a bench at 25 yards.

I am holding a target that has 4 shots into 1.1 inch with the last opening up the group to 2.75 inches. That is the best shot group to date.

I suspect that the "flyer" is actually the first round shot. My past experience with semi-auto pistols show them to frequently throw the first and/or last round a bit off.

Internally the workmanship on this pistol is heads and tails above my Pro Carry HD , with no really obvious tool marks anywhere. The Pro Carry HD has tool marks all over the place! It functions fine though, and is very accurate as well.

For all of you guys worried about the Series II "problem" I will tell you this. I can barely feel the "bump" as the slide goes into battery when cycled slowly by hand. The Pro Carry Hd, on the other hand , has a noticable "bump" to get past the firing pin block part thingy.

The fit and finish appears to be very good. Slide to frame fit is fairly tight and cannot be made to rattle. The barrel to bushing fit is not real tight and it is easy to move the bushing without the tool.

The only little complaint that I have with this gun is with the grip saftey. It makes an audible click when it is depressed. I completely took it apart to see what was up and could find no obvious cause for the "click".

Up to now I give this gun 4 stars. I have not been this pleased with a new toy is a very long time.

BTW it has fixed sights and an internal extractor. When I ordered it, the dealer told me that he might not find one with an internal, but somehow he did.

Also, Kimber now ship their guns in a much larger and better quality case than before.:D
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