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Range report, Springfield PX9608L (pix)

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I went to the range today with my new Springfield Armory PX9608L, Blued Full Size 1911. I shot a combo of various different types of ammo. I shot 40 rounds of Triton HI-VEL .45 ACP +P, 230gr JHP(rated at 960 fps/471 Ft./lbs), 150 rounds of Federal Match Gold Medal, .45 ACP 185gr FMJ-SWC and finally 50 rounds of reload(range ammo) 230gr RN-TMJ. The pistol has only had 100 rds of PMP .45 ACP FMJ through it prior to this firing session.

The gun operated flawlessly with the exception of on about every other mag, the first round in the mag of the Federal would hang when I released the slide. I would just pull the slide back slightly and release and the round would chamber. All rounds after that would cycle fine. It was only the first round from the slide release that would hang. These rounds have a "shoulder" on them right above the crimp, that's why they would hang. The range master said he had the same problem with this round, and in my Glock, they will not work at all, hanging up almost on every round....

Anyway, the gun basically functioned flawlessly and I am very happy. Here is my first tgt at 15 yds.

AS you can see, I had a decent grouping around center of mass, then when I would do rapid fire, the shots would rise up somewhat, but still very good placement overall.....

Next picture is one of the sillouette where I tried to put rounds in the center of mass, head, neck and each shoulder. Not too bad. All f these were ther Federal rounds except for one mag center of mass of the Triton +P's

Next loaded up some reloads and tried to do some deliberate, concentrated firings center of mass. The results were quite satisfactory for reloads...

And finally a pic of my new Springy

Overall, this is a very accurate and reliable pistol. I have a total of 350+ rounds through this gun and I can honestly say the few problems I had can be attributed to the rounds as I had the same problem(even worse) with my GLock as well as others reported the same issues with these Federal rounds.

For 499.00, I couldn't be happier

big lead hurts worse
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