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Sat. Jan 5, 2008

S&W 1911 with the new mods
extended slide stop, flat MSH, & new grips with palm swells. all the
magazines are Wilson Combat
ETM & I included one of the mags that came
with the SW1911 - sure has a different follower
than the WC ETMs.

* post session comments

.45 ACP
2 x 8 mag. CCI Speer 200 gr. JHP 950 FPS
* Failure to feed the 1rst round in
each mag. - stiction? I assisted
in racking the slide and no further Failures
of any kind for the rest of the session.
1 x 8 mag. CCI Speer 230 gr. FMJ 850 FPS
2 x 8 mag. WW 230 gr. JHP
1 x 8 mag. Cor Bon 185 gr. JHP +P 1,150 gps
* Definitely louder, lighter recoil than 230s
Reload mags with
3 x 8 Leadhead 200 gr. SWC @ 1,025 FPS
2 x 8 mag. WW 230 gr. JHP @ 850 FPS
1 x 8 WW 230 gr. SXT JHP @ 925 FPS
* Most recoil, but very manageable

4 rounds of .45 ACP VIPER Shotshells.
* failed to go all the way to battery in the 1911
The Viper has a 5 shark tooth like jacket
like crimp & in this case must have a prob.
with seating properly into the chamber. ?
I didn't have any extra full moon clips to try
them in the 625 - next time.

S&W 625 5" Bbl.
.45 ACP
2 x Full (6) Moon clips Rem. 185 gr. JHP
* 3 rounds, Punctured primers, FTF ick...
This lot of ammo also had an FTE in my 1911
when I first took it to the range... what a
suck-Oh lot imo
* no further problems with
7 x Full(6) Moon clips of CCI Blazer 230 gr. FMJ

.45 Auto RIm in HKS Speedloaders
1 x 6 Speedloader 185 gr. GS JHP @ 1,050 FPS
1 x 6 Speedloader 225 gr. Barnes XPB @ 945 FPS
* This is an impressive load, it should be with the spendy
Barnes ( COrBon calls em DPX ) As sharp a recoil as anything
to this point, stout but DA Double Taps much fun

24 rounds of Leadhead 200 gr. SWC @ 1,025 fps.
loaded w/o speedloaders.
* NIce groups, a load I like and shoot well.

Later I mentioned I had shot about 180 rounds, to my
shooting partner who had the Glock 19 and a Dan Wesson
.357 Mag. with 110 total he was surprized - I pointed
out the FUll Moon CLips are all pre-loaded prepping
the day before..

* I also shot my shooting partners almost new
Glock 19 - I didn't like the long trigger pull for
every shot - felt blocky - he shot my 1911
after I ran him through it's manual of arms.
Afterwards he said he shoots my 1911 and 625
better than he does his own pistols.

Good 50 minute session - 190 rounds
Last time I shot the 1911 better, this time it
was the revolver's day

We stopped at a gun store and I picked up
some SPeer GDHP 230 gr. JHP and PMC Starfire
230 gr. JHP as I was low on JHP ammo.

I'm waiting for some pics to be sent to me or
the links of my .45s to post on the forum that were
taken last friday.

I will post as soon as I get them
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