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Spent yesterday doing law enforcement training with my Les Baer Premier II Ltwt. Let me say that the gun functioned 100%(as usual) and is so accuracte that double taps, at speed, are no problem. The pistol looks great, too. Just an added bonus.

Weapon functioned with my handload of 230 gr LRN bullet, 5.3 gr. AA#2, WLP, and surplus cases...loaded on my Dillon 550 B.

Be nice to see this Ltwt package offered in a Stainless slide/alum. frame configuration, too. The barrel in this model is fully ramped configuration. Probably to stop the problem of hollow points digging into the aluminum, as seen on some guns. Jim...AHEM! When can we expect this in stainless! It DOES rain in Oregon.

I have sold several of these to personal counterparts of mine who LOVE THEM, after shooting mine. You get full size handling and sight radius(great sights, too)in a 30 oz. package. DOESN'T get any better than this...

The best dealer source of Les Baer pistols, I know of, is Davidson's, Inc. You'll have to keep checking back from time to time, but sooner or later they will have what you are looking for...

Wes Howe
Willamette Small Arms Academy
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