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Hello everyone. I picked up a Ranger II .45ACP today (first 1911), took it home, cleaned it, lightly oiled, put it back together, and headed off to the range.

I've fired several 1911's in the past, and after a day at the range with an STI decided that I finally needed to get myself a 1911.

At the range today, I was having some failure to feed issues. Using factory mags and Winchester white box and Magtech ammo, the FTF issues were intermittent and occurred both on the first round and subsequent rounds.

Some FTF's would make the slide feel like it had seized up and took quite a bit more force to "unfreeze" the slide. I put 100 rounds downrange, and had a FTF about 10 times.

As I was putting everything away, I racked the slide slowly a few times without the mag to see if I could feel a problem, and did notice that it was grabbing in two places.

After getting home, I gave it a little oil and it seems to feel a bit better now. Was this simply an issue of underlubricating? Or should I be looking at something else?

Aside from the FTF's, I had an absolute blast shooting the Ranger. I felt like I had a laser attached to my arm. I was easily able to get 1.5" groups at 25 yards consistently. I can tell that this is easily going to be my new favorite.
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