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Rare Bureau Model value?

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Hello. New to your board! I have a friend wanting to sell his Bureau model, the actual ones before they discontinued them for the Professional model. He said he'd sell to me for around $2,600-$2800. Is this a good deal and will these hold value or increase?
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when these came out for the FBI the list price for a cilivian was only 1900.00 dollars. i,m not sure how easy they are to come by now, since i haven't seen one, other than magazines, but that seems steep for one unless something has happened with them that i don't know about

russel the cop
For that you can have a one-of-a-kind custom built for you...

He's about 1000 high...


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Retail on a Bureau Model (now called a Professional Model) is $2395. The delivery time is 60 days right now.

how much is the serial # beginning wih FBI worth to you? If its not worth a whole lot to you there a LOT of great 1911s out there for a LOT less. If you are a collector and want it...well that up to you. If your friend is patient and the gun is like new he might just find a buyer at that price.
I don't think that there is a 1911 in existence worth over $2,000, especially a recent Springfield.

Just a personal opinion.
NIB Bureau Models range from 3-4K. 258 were mfg. with only about 50 going to the general public.

Dave Williams
I'm totally lost(as usual) I have no idea what models we're talkin' about...The newer Pro and the TRP...I think are the ones "I" was referring to...The "Bureau" models must be something I've never even heard of...If Dave says it's goin' for that much and you're a collector, well, there it is!
...Must be somethin' special...but if your "friend" is readin' this...I bet the price just doubled!!!


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The one we're discussing is the model that was marked "Bureau" model with an FBI serial number prefix. FBI ordered it stopped because it commercialized the bureau's name too much.
Well if it's the one Dave W is talkin' about...(and I'm sure he could confirm it with the SN) it sounds like a whole different animal than the PRO and TRP...Is it because it's just "rare"?...only a few made before they changed the name to TPR or PRO?...or is it different in design and parts used?

Thanx...it has my curiosity up(now that's it's worth 4K)

I like the TRP and PRO and would love to have 1 of each, but if this is the same as the PRO and "rare" as well for that money, I'd be takin' out a mortgage!


The rare Bureau Models have serial numbers that begin the FBI as the prefix. The slide is also marked Bureau Model.

The Pro Model is the same as the Bureau Model with the exception that the serial numbers begin with a CRG prefix (rather than FBI) and the slide is marked Professional Model (rather than Bureau).

Same exact gun otherwise.

As Dave said, only 268 Bureau Models were made. Of them, I have no idea how many made it into "civilian" hands...the rest of course went to FBI Agents. The serial numbers and the slide markings changed but the gun (the Pro Model) continues to be an issued weapon.

If you have a Bureau Model, count yourself lucky.
Springfields are not my territory, but I just read an article in Shooting Times which stated that the Springfield contract with the FBI was for 5000 guns. Are they talking about a different variation?

No they are the ONE AND THE SAME.

Bureau Model = Professional Model.

The difference between the two is what I've already stated. Springfield was asked/told, whatever, to change the name and serial number of the guns if they were going to offer them to the public. The Bureau is very protective of its name and three letter identifier. Plus it is probably against some federal law or something...Ergo, SA stopped marking them Bureau after the number 268....
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