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I had joined in 2011 but due to getting ready to retire, building fence and general farm work and getting our home in the St. Louis area ready for the market I just flat ran out of spare time to visit this site.

Looking forward to having more time to shoot, work on some guns and enjoy life without micromanaging bosses.

I used to repair S&W revolvers and build up 1911's with the help of Brownels that is.

After being away from handguns for about 30 years I became hooked again.

Currently I have a Kimber target 1911 and hated the straight grip. I put an arched unit in. I do believe it is much more accurate than my old Gold Cup.

Before retiring I found a like NIB 1911 by Auto Ordinance, West Hurley, NY. I know the history of the company. It was cheap so I bought it thinking I would have a toy to build. The dang thing really disappointed me. It fires time after time without issue. But there is a lack of accuracy so I will get to "fix" that part.

Glad to be back.
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