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I just stumbled onto a great deal on a galco shoulder rig-$10.00 for the holster, mag pouches and harness. The holster is for a glock 19, I don't have one. I do however have a USP compact that is roughly the same size. Can holsters be remolded, boned, whatever? I'll try the H&K out tonight, but I'm sure I'll want to try to reshape the leather a bit.

Can anyone offer some hints.



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IF the stitching won't interfere, about the only way to effectively re-fit a finished holster is to soak with alcohol.

Since most holsters have a finish and often leather dressings soaked into the leather, water won't do the job.

Also note that alcohol may ruin the surface finish.

You're better off selling the holster, and buying one made for your gun instead of ruining the appearance of a good holster.

If you do try re-fitting, spray the leather with ordinary alcohol, inside and out until it's good and wet.

Put the holster in a cool dry place on a CLEAN white towel and allow it to "case" or sit until the leather has returned to it's normal color, but the leather still feels "cool" to the touch.

Most people make the mistake of trying to mould the leather while it's still too damp.
Let it dry dryer than you think it should be.
If it's too dry you can give it a light spray again.

DO NOT wrap the gun in ANYTHING. NO plastic bags, no wax paper, NOTHING. This will cause the holster to be too BIG.

Any oil or dirt on your hands will stain the damp leather, and any sharp objects that come in contact with it will leave marks and often stains.

Insert the gun into the holster, then gently form the leather to the contours of the gun.

DO NOT allow the gun to stay in the holster. This will also make the leather too big.

If the leather was at the right stage of moisture, there should be little or NO moisture on the gun when it's removed.

Put the holster on a clean dry white towel and allow to dry until TOTALLY dry.
Then, apply a heavy coat of neutral color paste shoe wax to protect it.

DO NOT oil or use any leather dressings, these will soften the leather and ruin it as a holster.
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