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Originally posted by RUSSEL213:
i just finished reading the cocked and locked post. i have my opinion, which is, trianing is the only way to carry a gun. whatever you choose practice bringing it out to ready that way. me, i carry cocked and locked, i was nervous at first, then i shot it a lot held it in my hand a lot. no it doesn't bother me

here's why i posted, i couple of years ago my brother bought a h&k usp 45. he bought a holster for it. when he was trying out the holster at the store the gun fit nice and snug. when we got home he put a round in the chamber and then the gun wouldn't fit! the reason is when you chamber a round and then decock it the usp leaves the hammer slightly up, and the snap would not fit. he called the holster company and asked if maybe he got the wrong duty holster (forgot to say, this is a duty holster for police) the guy on the phone told him that police weren't supposed to carry the usp with a round in the chamber, so the holster doesn't allow for it! wow, what a thought!

thought you might like that.( he carries a 1911 on duty now, finally saw the light)

sorry so long of a post

russel the cop

"police officers are not suppose to carry the usp with a round in the chamber" I`m speechless at that statement.. I have a h&k usp i carry sometimes, and i carry it cocked and locked as well.. -Gilmore
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