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Ready cash

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Let's say I want to have $10,000 in ready funds available not in a bank. What is the best/ safest form to have that money in? Is there anything better than just paper currency? Just thinking out loud here...
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I'm not rich, so I don't have a lot. But, I do keep a couple of one ounce gold coins and two hundred one ounce silver eagle coins. The silver eagles are face value $1 US coins, though the worth of the 1 ounce of silver is definitely worth a lot more than $1. Silver would be for routine expenses. Gold for something bigger, a more valuable expense. I used to keep $1,000 cash in $100 dollar bills and a few hundred in $5, $10, and $20 dollar bills in the safe. But, in a long term catastrophe, paper money could become as worthless as the linen paper that they are printed on. I also have about a month's supply of MRE's.
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