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Ready cash

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Let's say I want to have $10,000 in ready funds available not in a bank. What is the best/ safest form to have that money in? Is there anything better than just paper currency? Just thinking out loud here...
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Not trying to start a debate, really. But I wonder sometimes about investing in a bunch of gold. You can't eat it. And is only valuable to someone who wants it. Try taking $50-$100 gold piece to your local McDs, gas station or grocery store. That millennial on his cell phone and face tattoos has no idea what that is and doesn't care and probably isn't going to take it for payment of anything.

I do keep some cash in small bills, on hand. (not $10K). I like to keep a few hundred in 10-20-50 dollar bills and maybe a couple of hundred-dollar bills ...everyone knows what they are and wants them. I prefer to invest in stashes of food, water, gasoline and guns w/ ammo. Also, in a real SHTF situation I have a few guns. w/ ammo I would use as barter with people who might have something I needed. Of course, I would be very careful who I traded with.

I'm not trying to say there's no value in having diverse investments ... maybe some in gold, silver or diamonds if you want. But I guess I'm thinking more short-term survival than long term investments.
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Actually, if you look back in time, coins were cut.
Yeah, I'm sure Mrs. Smith manning the "self-checkout" at Kroger is going to be cutting coins and weighing gold to pay for your milk and bread....lol. But then again if we're facing an EMP none of those self-checkouts are gonna be working anyway.
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We're talking SHTF/EOTWAWKI scenarios here, not a minor blip like a weather event or earthquake.
We are? I must have missed that part. I thought we were talking about what to keep at home as currency and back-up savings. I missed the whole end of the world plan... :unsure:
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This has kinda drifted around from investments to survival prep and that's cool ... it can all work together. As I said earlier, I do keep extra water, food, gasoline and ammo on hand. Ammo for my own use and some that I may use for barter.

But on a whole other level, I have a neighbor who is LEO support, search and rescue, first responder guy. He told me about some of the things he does that I found interesting. The talk about salt, suger and medicines reminded me. He has plastic boxes with bottles of aspirin, Advil, Benadryl and other first aid stuff. And get this .. a couple of cases of those small (half pint I think) bottles of bourbon, gin and vodka all for trading. Just a small stack of boxes in a corner ... all nicely sealed up .... I thought, "brilliant!". ..😎
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Aren't diamonds a controlled market ?
What isn't? I just mentioned diamonds because it's another useless item that people think is valuable and worth investing in. Check the value of collectables like china (the plates not the country), beanie babies, stamps, or many old coins. Only value is to people who think they are valuable ... there is no real market for them anymore. You can't eat them, run your car on them or use them to defend your home.

In times of natural disasters, civil unrest, or even war, what has value will change rapidly. Cash will sustain longer than electronic money (card, bit-coin, etc) mainly because we all have been raised to value cash ... you see it now ... power goes out, it's cash only at stores and gas stations. I still think having a variety of cash, food, gas, water and yes, guns and ammo will get you by longer than metals and jewels.
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