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Ready cash

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Let's say I want to have $10,000 in ready funds available not in a bank. What is the best/ safest form to have that money in? Is there anything better than just paper currency? Just thinking out loud here...
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gold. find a local coin shop and pay cash..
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If we focus on a non apocalyptic scene, gold works. With the devalue of other forms of curreny, gold will always hold value in a civilized society. Paper can get to be literally worthless if government continues on its path. This is what i assumed the OP was asking.

If it goes tho sh!t, buy ammo with your gold if you can time it right. Guns and ammo will get you very far in survival mode.
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Depening on the stage of the apocalypse, goods will be laying around and avaible at mass. It will come down to food and shelter.

AND 1911s!!!!
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