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Ready cash

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Let's say I want to have $10,000 in ready funds available not in a bank. What is the best/ safest form to have that money in? Is there anything better than just paper currency? Just thinking out loud here...
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Exactly. Who's going to make change on my 1/4 Oz Gold Canadian Maple Leaf Coin?
Actually, if you look back in time, coins were cut.
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Yeah, I'm sure Mrs. Smith manning the "self-checkout" at Kroger is going to be cutting coins and weighing gold to pay for your milk and bread....lol. But then again if we're facing an EMP none of those self-checkouts are gonna be working anyway.
If Kroger is still running, likely the World as we know it hasn't ended, though it dropped a class point or two.
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When I was in England several times back in the early seventies, taxes were very bad and impacted everything. I made English friends across classes and saw a lot of barter. Electrical work for loan of a car, drinking for how many weeks to landscape the back garden of a pub, etc. etc, Services as well as goods. As late as the '50's Dad had a couple of patients who paid with stuff because they were short of money. Many of us have skills or training that our neighbors do not have and vice versa. Key is to have neighbors!
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Cash, cash and cash.

US dollars will be taken until hell freezes over, people suggesting gold and silver are funny.

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Unless the corrupt scum manage to make it E Money with no actual currency. Then we all are at their mercy. Social credits anyone? A couple of keystrokes is all it would take. to ruin even Elon
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Ammunition may be the currency of the future.
The conundrum, of course, is what sale is safe. A well placed 22 LR will do the trick and your customer has it all.
Actually, making liquor would be ideal. Portable, doesn't spoil, a desirable product. One of the key money generators for George Washington's estate. Bootlegging!
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