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Ready cash

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Let's say I want to have $10,000 in ready funds available not in a bank. What is the best/ safest form to have that money in? Is there anything better than just paper currency? Just thinking out loud here...
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Not trying to start a debate, really. But I wonder sometimes about investing in a bunch of gold. You can't eat it. And is only valuable to someone who wants it. Try taking $50-$100 gold piece to your local McDs, gas station or grocery store. That millennial on his cell phone and face tattoos has no idea what that is and doesn't care and probably isn't going to take it for payment of anything.
We're talking SHTF/EOTWAWKI scenarios here, not a minor blip like a weather event or earthquake.
Gold has and always will have value. If there ever is a scenario where paper currency is worthless, gold will still have value.

Personally, I would keep BOTH paper currency and gold available.
Paper currency is going to be good for short-term emergencies like flood/hurricane/tornado/earthquake, where the systems for credit card transactions are down.
Gold is going to come into play where the system collapses, and paper money is worthless.
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