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Rear of frame protrudes from slide?

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I have what I was told was a WWII gun, it has a Remington frame and a Colt slide. The slide rests about 1/8 of an inch forward - or you could say that the rear of the frame protrudes from the slide by an 1/8. Every other 1911 I've seen this is flush. Were tolerances so loose that because different manufacturers were involved the parts don't fit so well? Or is this a problem I should be concerned with?
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There has to be something wrong. I've never seen a properly fitted up government model that wasn't flush at the rear of frame and slide. You might post in the gunsmithing forum. There are several world class 1911 smiths there who are always willing to help if they can.-TR
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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