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Rear Sight Replacement Question

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What are some recommendations for replacing the stock rear sight on a Colt Model 80 without having to mill the slide. I’m looking for something to a much cleaner sight picture.

Thank you,
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I put the Novak Semi-Auto Carry Sight on my gun. It fits in the factory dovetail and uses the factory front sight. Three dot rear- Brownells part# 662-017-005. $34.95 retail.
Provided you have an 80 ser. with the larger std sigths the Novac or the Kings are good choices, the Kings comes down over the back of the slide and gives a sight picture similar to the Bomar.
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The early ser 80 front sigth was .100 ish tall, the one that will match the Novac and Kings is .160 is and .125 wide (current guns)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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