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Received new "Gunners Grips" yesterday!

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Just came in the mail. Quick service by Christine, just spoke with her two days ago. Opened them up and they sure look good!

Will tell you right off the bat that they are a tight fit. Not sure what set of grips Trumpet used as a sample but on my MKIII Practical they are tight. Holes are just a hair off like 1/64" or so. I had to drill them out a little, I'll advise Christine of this and suggest they use a slightly larger hole or maybe just shave a bit of the inside back. Overall the fit is real good considering the shaping that need to be done to them.

The taper is right on and there is no palm swell for those of you who are concerned about that. Plenty of clearence for ambi safety.

I'm very pleased with them and when the other members start getting theirs I hope that they'll add their impressions as well. I grabbed the camera and rushed to get some pictures taken before I lost the light. In my haste I didn't get a shot of the back and front straps, but I'll add those later.


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