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Recoil spring plug damage question (sorta long)

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I have a 70's manufacture blue steel Combat Commander. Pistol is stock except for a 2lb. heavier than original Woolfe's recoil spring. My issue is the part of the plug (step?)that mates with the barrel bushing is "shiney" and the outer row of checkering on the recoil spring plug is getting beat up a bit. I do not care about the cosmetic issue, but am concerned about something being wrong. I have two 5" gov models and this does not occur on either one. All thoughts welcome.

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From your discription; it sounds like normal wear & tearof the plug. The shiney place on the "step" is where the bushing sits. The reason it's probably shiney all around is because you never reassembled the plug to the same orientation to the bushing. The wear of the checkering is also caused by the bushing and/or bushing wrench when you disassemble the pistol.

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