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Recommendation for Slide Replacement?

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I am getting ready to try my hand at "smithing". I have an old Norinco with an ugly looking slide; frame is blued, slide looks parkerized.
What brands of slide will fit the Norico frame without problems? And where can I pick one up reasonably? Thanks.
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You are a lucky man to have a Norinco 1911. Slick Willy stopped the import of the pistols some time ago. The Norinco slides and recievers are very good stuff. The guts usually suck. That slide will clean up and do a great job for you. The interior parts can be replaced for not alot of money. I would use Chip's trigger group, S/A beaver tail, MGW Combat Sights, ( Fixed) Wolf spring kit (16.5 main spring) Ed brown pin set, Chip's mag catch with Ed's hex head screw, and have a great gun. These are very hard parts and are better than most aftermarket stuff, the exception being Caspian Arms. You could do all the work I mentioned your self I used to re-link the barrel with a Wilson #3 link and install a NM bushing. The Norinco Barrels are superb.
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