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For the .45:
I've tried Red Dot 5gr with 200gr Hornady Combat target in Starline brass. SHoot good an accurate. FPS is 770s.
I'm reloading 6gr to try soon. Going to run a hundred through to check the cleanliness of the powder. I thnk Red Dot would be a good economical powder. Hodgdon Tightgroup is a very good powder.
As far as accuracies between Red Dot, Vihtavouri, Tightgroup, and Clays, I can't tell a difference in accuracy. If any change, then it is likely my shooting.
FOR PLINKING I WOULD GO WITH CLAYS. Clays is probably the cleanest burning powder and can get at good prices in volume. For serious shooting, I would run with Tighgroup, Viht, or possibly Red Dot. (I'm experimenting with Red Dot right now)

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