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Thought you might like to hear from someone just starting a "love" relationship with Red Dot.

Just recently, I ordered my usual 8 lb jug of Bullseye but received Red Dot instead. To make a long story short, the distributor sent a jug of Bullseye later, and told me to keep the Red Dot as well. Too much trouble and expense to return it. So I'm working up Red Dot loads. My press is the Dillon XL650 and I use the RCBS 10/10 scale to weigh charges during setup. My procedure is to weigh the first few loads then the 15th and 25th load. If all is well, I crank it up untill I need to add primers. Ill check a load again. So far, I have seen no variance, to speak of. Every load appears to be the same.

For some time, I have searched for the "perfect" load and have used W231, Bullseye, TiteGroup, Clays, Clays Universal, WST and PB. I finally settled on Bullseye...UNTILL NOW. I found that in my Kimber SM, 4.6 GR Red Dot with the 180 gr LSWC gives me 890 fps and a 10 shot 1" ragged hole at 15 yards. The best I've been able to do before was 2 inches using 5.0 gr Bullseye. I still need to bump it up to the 165 power factor. Hope it stays tight.
1 - 2 of 17 Posts
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