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I compared Clays to Tightgroup and Clays is definitely cleaner. A dramatic difference! You can tell just by the casings that Clays is cleaner. However Clays runs slower and is listed to have higher pressures than Tightgroup.

200gr Hornady FMJ combat target with Starline brass out of a 4" Kimber CDP:
4.5 Clays ran at 750-770 FPS
5.8 Tightgroup ran 870-890 FPS

Clays had a "just noticable difference" concerning recoil, a little lighter.
Shooting at 7-15 yds, no seen difference in accuracy between the two.
I'll put clays down to 4 and use it as the ammunition for friends and women. Any lower and my gun barely ejects the cases out of the gun.
I like to use the Tightgroup to come as close as possible for what I shoot for duty rounds.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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