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Refinishing matte stainless

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Hi all,

I've got a Para Ord with a matte stainless frame, which has picked up a couple of small scratches, just in the matte finish itself, over time. Is there any way to return the matte to its original, non-glossy state? Or do I need to bead blast the whole frame to get a uniform appearance?

Thanks in advance,

-- PG

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ParaGlock, Here's a trick I learned awhile back. If the scratches aren't deep, or for scuffed areas, take a piece of sandpaper similar to the grit you would use if you were blasting the gun. Put that piece of sandpaper over the area and tap lightly with a plastic hammer. What it approximates is the impact of blasting in a localized area. It may take some experimentation, but it usually works out pretty well. Good Luck,

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