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Refinishing My Frame

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Has anyone considered refinishing their frame in O.D. green? I was thinking of doing this with the Alumihyde II that Brownell's sell.

I've used it for plastic stocks but it seems to wear a little faster than I like.

Can anyone recommend a better do it yourself finish for matt finished blue steel frame?

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Minuteman III LGM30G
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I'd be leery of using a spray-on coating out of an aerosol can. The problem with it is that you can't control the flow or the thinckness of the finish, and may end up with a mess.

For a little more work, I might suggest a parkerizing kit. I am about to try one made by these folks:

D. Kamm
USGI M1911/M1911A1 Pistols Website
I have used the Brownell's Baking Laquer with good results on several other firearms.

I was just wondering if there is anything better for a do it yourselfer.

Thanks for the post.

Guaranteed delivery in 30 minutes or less or your next one is free!

Minuteman III LGM30G

I have done my own parkerizing and its not that hard to do. I used the Brownells supplies some years ago and was quite satisfied. The best advice I can give you is to get the parts clean, real clean and no oil at all, this includes body oil. Dont touch the parts after you have them clean, this is a good time to mention latex gloves.

I found that gas heat worked better than an electric source, more even heating. I used the same cleaning solution that you would use for cleaning prior to bluing and it work very good.

Good Luck
I'v used the bake on paint from Brownells also. I used a small bake oven at 300 deg F. for 30 min. The colors I have used are black and od green. The green went on real nice with only 1 coat for the frame. The black was used on the slide and didn't holdup very good so I have now parked it black and think it should hold up better.
Yon Perras
Hey guys I have a ParaOrd P13. I don't like the finish on the frame. It's to dull. Would the Parkerizing make it more shinny? What kind of prep is involved? Do I have to take the old bluing of? If so what’s the best way to that, sandblasting? How hard is it? What is involved and how long does it take? Also can you Parkerizing other parts of the gun like the safety, grip safety, and slide stop. Sorry for all the questions.

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